Sunday, July 24, 2016

Make It: Clear Bag with Gold Studs

How many of you have a folder of images saved to your computer called "My Dream Closet"? Well, I decided to stop dreaming and start making it real. For each post in the "Make It" series, I will recreate fashion pieces that I have found.

Original from A Pair and a Spare

My Version:

Supplies: clear vinyl (Joann's), gold studs (Amazon), clip on leather strap (Amazon), wallet (Amazon)

Yes, I love Amazon.

I used the tutorial on the A Pair and Spare website but made up my own dimensions. I ended up making two versions because the first was too big (more like a messenger bag). I used a permanent marker to make the cut lines and then wiped the lines off with an alcohol wipe. Alternatively, you could use a dry erase marker.

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