Sunday, October 2, 2016

Thrifty Finds

When I go to the thrift store, the number one thing I keep an eye out for is picture frames -- especially shadow box frames. It doesn't matter what ugly thing is inside them to begin with or what color they are. You can paint the frame and remove the art.

Here I ripped out pictures of a bird and a beach scene, repainted the white frame because it was scuffed up pretty badly, and used the like new frames to display my rock and coin collections.

All I needed was hot glue and white paper to use as a background, and this little addition was a big step in bringing life to my previously bare walled living room. Best of all, those frames cost $3/each!

I also picked up a couple framed chalkboards for $2/each. They were also in the picture frame aisle, and I found them both on the same day. They were probably donated by the same people.

Work required? Nothing. I just erased what was there and used a chalk marker to update them. I put them in the hallway leading to our guest bedroom and bathroom, and when they aren't decked out for the holidays, I update them to greet whomever is visiting at the time.

Here's a very sad looking wooden leaf I found sitting around for $1...

How about a fresh coat of gold paint?

Here's a mirror I found. What did I need to do to fix it up? Nothing. It already looked like this. I thought it would make a good addition to our bedroom.

It doesn't cost as much as you think to make your house into a home.

These were all finds from the Savers thrift store. It is my favorite. I've also found a ton of books and even video games. I found a Nancy Drew video game for PC *no scratches* for $0.99!

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