Sunday, December 31, 2017

Cozy Cat Bed From Old Jeans

I've been saving old jeans for a while now. These are pants that no longer fit or have multiple holes from age (some are 10+ years old). Snickers (pictured above) loves jean material, and I have been meaning to make her a bed out of the old jeans for a while now. She really likes it. :)

Materials & Supplies

  • old jeans (I used 4 pair)
  • scissors
  • sewing machine

Step 1: Cut jeans into rectangular pieces while keeping most of the seams intact. This doesn't have to be perfect, and they don't need to be all the same size. Just close.

I ended up with 12 rectangular pieces.

Twix doesn't like jean material as much as Snickers,
but she always helps me in the craft room.
Keep the scraps! The point of repurposing is to reuse what you have. These scraps are perfect for stuffing.

Step 2: Start sandwiching pieces (right side together) and sewing along one side. I alternated which direction I positioned the jean seams: parallel or perpendicular.

I ended up with 6 - 2 piece blocks.

Step 3: Stitch three of the 2 piece blocks together to make a 2x6 block. Repeat with the other three 2 piece blocks.

Step 4: Lay both 2x6's on top of one another and trim edges even.

Step 5: With right sides together, sew around the outside of your pillow leaving a good size opening for inverting/stuffing. Be sure to trim your corners.

Step 6: Invert and stuff with jean scraps!

Step 7: Hand stitch the opening closed. Done!

I hope your baby loves it as much as mine does. :)
Happy New Year!

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