Thursday, November 3, 2016

T-shirt Refashion: Split Seam Tunic

Part 3 of cheap-o Michael's t-shirts! This one is my favorite one yet! (and the easiest)

Materials needed: t-shirt and scissors.

You might also want to sew a little. I stitched up the sides slightly in the waist area.

The problem with the Michael's t-shirts is that they are unisex and have no feminine curves and are too long. But, hey! That means you can use them to easily make tunic tops!

All I did was cut open the side seams to just above where my pants sit. I didn't want too much skin showing (the inspiration photo was a little too high for me although she's wearing an under shirt), but I wanted a peak of skin. ;)

Next, I cut out the neckline so it was a deep scoop neck. To do this, I used some fabric chalk to sketch a basic outline, cut the first side, and flipped that piece over to use as a template for the other side. That way, both sides are exactly the same. Make sure the bottom of the scoop isn't too pointy!

That's all! I didn't finish any edges. Jersey fabric doesn't fray. I plan to wear this with black leggings and black boots. I also love the current lacy bralette trend; this would be a good top to show off a peak of sexy lace.

Total Cost: $2 (or $4 depending on coupon/sale)

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