Thursday, November 3, 2016

T-shirt Refashion: Sequence Minimalism

T-shirt #2 in the cheap t-shirts from Michael's series.

This shirt was what inspired me to cuff the sleeves and go high-low seams on my National Geographic t-shirt.

For this t-shirt refashion, I did cuff the sleeves, but I didn't make the hem lower in the back. I also brought in the sides to make it more form-fitting. This is a personal preference. While I love the loose-fitting slouchy look on others, I tend to look like I'm wearing a tarp.

I used strands of black sequence to make the lines on this shirt, which was slightly annoying because the sequence would fall off as soon as the pieces were cut.

I used plain glue to adhere the strands to the fabric. I'm not sure if this was a bad idea; I know they make special fabric glue, but after drying, it appears to be well adhered. However, I think this is definitely a hand-wash only shirt.

I ended up cutting out the neck area so it was more like the inspiration photo. I didn't finish the edges.

I bought 4 shirts from Michael's because they were BOGO50% off: light gray, charcoal gray, hunter green, and white. I tend to gravitate towards darker colors; I owned exactly 1 white shirt before this one. So, I was unsure about getting a white t-shirt despite loving the inspiration photo.

I think it turned out well, but will I actually wear it? That's something to think about when picking out your own t-shirts to refashion. You should have a pretty good idea of what colors/styles look good on you.

Here are a couple alternative ideas I had for this shirt:

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