Saturday, July 22, 2017

Faux Beetle Display

Like most of the crafty population, I browse Pinterest a lot. Since we moved, I've been collecting ideas for decorating our dining room / game room. It's interesting that, what initially triggers an idea is sometimes not even related. I found a picture of a dining room with botanical sketches on the walls; just a small cluster, but that was the one element I liked and wanted to replicate. I like nature elements in my decorating (rock collections, mineral displays, agate coasters).

Thrifted Botanical Art

So, I decided to go to the thrift store and find some botanical artwork to frame. Turns out, the pictures I liked were from a really, really old book about "Common Garden Pests" for $1. I also found a shadowbox frame for $7, but it was 30% off all household items that day. So, only $5! Woo!

Framed Botanical/Bug Prints: $1 art + $6/6 Ikea frames = $7 Total!

Faux Beetle Display: $5 frame + $5 plastic bugs = $10 Total!

Faux Beetle Display Tutorial:

1. Decide where your bugs are going and identify them as best you can.

2. Print out the names, cut them out, and paste to black paper using a glue stick. Cut them out again leaving a black border.
3. Use the back of your frame to measure out a white sheet of poster paper to use as a background.
4. Put the frame back together, minus the glass, and use it as a guide as to where items should be placed. This is important because you may place items too close to the edge otherwise.
5. Place items, and make sure you know exactly where you want things to go.

6. Use the glue stick to attach the labels and a glue gun to attach your bugs. Note: a very small amount of glue can be used to position limbs if they aren't laying right.

7. Replace the glass and hang your new artwork!

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